Agenda for our Free College Planning Presentation​

Parents of College-bound High School Students are invited to to attend a free, informative College Planning presentation.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • Should my student take the ACT or SAT, when and why
  • Which and how many colleges to apply to.
  • How to find the college that will best serve your student.
  • What to do to prepare before college.
  • Apply for Financial Aid on-time and optimized for your family’s best interest
  • Improve your student’s chances of attending the College of their choice, and reduce tuition costs (even if you do not qualify for any financial assistance!)
  • Plan as a parent of a Freshman or Sophomore for the FAFSA prior-prior year and CSS Profiles’ two-year look-back period for financial assistance eligibility.
  • Which assets count (and don’t count) towards financial aid eligibility.
  • Compare the true “Out-of-Pocket ”costs of Private vs. Public Colleges.

And much, much more...

Reservations are recommended, seating and materials are limited!

Click here to email Access College Foundation for more info.

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